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Grandhome Phase 1 Infrastructure Approved

Delivery of the first phase of Grandhome has taken a further step forward this month following Aberdeen City Council’s approval of Planning and Road Construction Consent applications for infrastructure that will serve the new community’s first neighbourhood, Laverock Braes.

This initial element of work includes underground services, landscaping, a new access point to the site and Grandhome’s first streets which forthcoming residential and commercial development will plug into. The design and layout of Grandhome’s streets have been influenced by the Scottish Government’s progressive policy document Designing Streets. This document promotes high quality street design and place-making oriented around safe streets for cyclists and pedestrians within a network of connected and walkable neighbourhoods. Grandhome is the first of the Aberdeen City’s large scale developments that will be delivered entirely in accordance with the principles set out in this guidance and underpins the status of the new community as part of the Scottish Government’s Sustainable Scottish Community Initiative.

Chairman of the Grandhome Trust, Bruce Smith said, “This is a significant milestone for Grandhome and it is satisfying to see that our place-making principles have now been embodied in detailed plans and endorsed by the City. We are looking forward to seeing these plans realised this year as our first neighbourhood, Laverock Braes takes shape.”

Construction of the first phase of infrastructure is anticipated to start in Spring 2016 with further planning applications for residential development due to follow later in the year. An announcement in respect of the infrastructure contractor to be awarded the project is to be made imminently.