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Grandhome Blog: Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

benefits of buying a new build

Buying a new-build is a no brainer; with plenty of reasons to buy new when looking to your next property. Not only will you experience the joys of designing on a blank canvas, but you’ll also have the reassurance of a 10-year structural warranty.

It’ll be all yours and only yours – since no one else has ever lived in it before. Even better, you won’t run the risk of getting stuck in a property chain if you buy direct from a home builder.

We’ve put together a list of five reasons why you should consider buying a brand-new home from one of our home builders: CALA, AJC Homes and Malcolm Allan.

Less effort from the day you get your keys

Want to choose your own flooring, fittings or colour scheme? With a lot of home builders, you can make your own design decisions while it’s being built, so it means you can really put your own stamp on your home. You can even add additional features or change the room layout.

New-build homes will also come freshly painted and have tiling and kitchen units. This means that, unlike with an older property, you won’t need to waste your time renovating or covering anything up. But the best bit of all is that they’ll do the work for you, so you don’t need to do anything until the day you move in.

AJC Homes at Grandhome all feature Dulux heritage paint which means you can choose from a colour palette that suits you and your family.

AJC Homes at Grandhome

Save money on bills

More important than ever, modern energy standards on new build homes mean homes are being built with stricter specifications and their energy efficiency is much better – really helping you with those rising energy costs. Opting for a new build home will without a doubt make your home cheaper to run and save you more money in the long term.

According to the Home Builders Federation, new homes save £629 per annum on their energy bills. Energy Performance Certificate data shows that 80% of new builds have the top energy efficiency rating (A or B), while only 2.2% of old builds share in that rating.

Guaranteed structural warranty

When you buy a new build home, you’ll also get 10-year warranty on the build. This means that from your first day in your brand-new home, you’re protected against any costs that may occur in relation to structural defects.

When you opt for a CALA home at Grandhome, you can rest assured that you’ll walk into a home with a 10-year NHBC Buildmark policy which includes deposit protection from exchange of contracts, a two-year builder warranty from legal completion, and then eight years of structural defects insurance cover. Read more about what’s included in CALA’s new build policy.

CALA Homes at Grandhome

Move in straight away

Since you’re going to be the first family to live in your new build home, you don’t need to wait on someone to move out. As soon as it’s built, you can move in without lengthy delays that can be caused in property chains.

Buying a new build home means you won’t have a ‘forward chain’ to worry about that can make the difference between a stressful home move and a more relaxed experience.

If you choose to buy a new build home at Grandhome, you can take advantage of the amenities already here, like our playpark and green spaces to enjoy, nursery and more.

Special incentives

Buying a brand-new home allows you access to certain incentives from the Government and the homebuilders that you wouldn’t get if you are buying an older property.

What different home builders will offer varies but AJC pride itself in offering free flooring and even LBTT paid on some properties at Grandhome. View their current new build homes at Grandhome to see if there are any incentives on offer that will help make your dream home a reality.

Are you ready to buy a new build home at Grandhome? Don’t forget the home builder you choose will assist you through the process, but remember you will still need to choose your own legal and conveyancing.

Get in touch with CALA, AJC Homes, or Malcolm Allan to find out what the wait times are for your forever home.