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We loved seeing so many of you taking part in our recent scavenger hunt. People of all ages have been making the most of their daily walks, runs and cycles by spotting wildlife, flowers and plants and ticking each one off on our handy sheet along the way.

To continue to grow the Grandhome community scavenger hunt, we’ll be adding a monthly blog post which acts as a guide to what you can see in the local area at this time of year. From garden birds and insects to species that can be seen across Scotstown Moor, take a look at our round up each month and let us know what you manage to see. We would also love to hear from anyone who has ideas to add to the evolving list.

Early summer is one of the best times to spot plenty of birds and mammals as well as plants and flowers which begin to cover the greenery that surrounds Grandhome.

Walks along the coastline, at Aberdeen beach, Balmedie or Newburgh provide great opportunities to see to bottlenose dolphins and grey seals, whilst inland deer and the occasional red squirrel might be seen during walks along woodland paths.

Seabirds such as kittiwake and razorbill can also be spotted close to the shores, with the unmistakable calls of kittiwake heard above.

Bell heather and bluebells cover many parts of land at this time of year, often attracting bees and butterflies.

Closer to home, you may see bugs appearing in the garden, such as the bright green lacewing and green shield bug in addition to the pale orange and black painted lady butterfly.

If your garden has dense cover, such as thick hedges, then you’ll likely draw a variety of bird species. If you’d like to encourage more birds to visit, then try adding bird feeders or bird baths which provide a safe and reliable way to find fresh water.