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From sunset shades to spathrooms – discover the hottest interior design trends this summer

At Grandhome, we’re committed to developing a community that leads the way in place-making and quality of life for the people who choose to move here. But when you do move into your new house here in Aberdeen, you’ll want to put your own stamp on it and really turn it into a home for you and your family to relax in and to grow in. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together some of the hottest interiors trends for 2023 to inspire you this summer.

Dopamine decor

If there’s one overarching theme for 2023 interiors, it’s using your home to create a sense of wellbeing, through uplifting colours, comforting textures and fun accessories to create a sense of frivolity and offer an escape from the outside world.

Earthy tones and sunset shades

When Dulux announced that Wild Wonder was their shade of 2023, it meant one thing – goodbye grey skies, and hello sunset shades. After a very monochrome few years, earthy tones are very much in. Think 70s inspired warm yellows, burnt oranges, terracotas and rosy pinks, along with soft browns and greens to bring golden hour into your home and inject a positive vibe into your living areas. Check out Treehouse, a stunning furniture shop located in Midmar only 15 minutes from Grandhome, for all your sunset needs.

Making waves

Gone are harsh lines and sharp edges. We’re all about waves. Whether in your wallpaper, your rug or your furniture, go for fluid, free-form squiggles rather than the uniform scallops of recent years. Again tapping into the 70s aesthetic, these soft shapes are playful and luxurious, whilst bringing a warm, cocooning effect that ties into the ‘comfortcore’ trend and helps to separate your home from your outside world – especially important in the post-pandemic years. We say embrace the curves and go with the flow.

Check out Annie Mo’s, an offbeat, independent furniture shop that is a staple on Aberdeen’s union street, for some essential, curvy pieces that are guaranteed to turn your house into a home.


As we look to disconnect from our hectic lives, attention is being given to the bathroom as a place to relax and take time for ourselves. Enter, the ‘spathroom’ – where the emphasis is on recreating the luxurious experience of a spa, at home. Think heated floors, rainfall showers and bougie accents. And don’t forget the greenery! Plants have not only been proven to improve wellbeing, but they’ll deliver a natural aesthetic, improve air quality and bring a sense of calm to your private bathroom sanctuary.

Heritage heroes

Sustainability continues to be an important, and hot topic, and this comes into play with interior design trends too. As well as an emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly materials, we’re increasingly seeing a passion for all things vintage – be it carefully sourced antiques, upcycled furniture or charity shop bargains.  The houses at Grandhome might be new, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce some key vintage finds into your home to co-exist with your more modern (and environmentally conscious) features. Near Grandhome, The Reuse Shop is located at Hazlehead Household Waste and Recycling Centre where you can find affordable pre-loved furniture donated by residents of Aberdeen. Check out opening times on the Aberdeen City Council website here.

Looking for a new home? There are a wide variety of new houses here on our site in Aberdeen, perfect for families of all sizes and with beautiful spaces you can really make your own. Visit the new build homes page to learn more about our housebuilders and find your dream home.