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The 2022 interior design trends to follow for a picture-perfect home

Interior trends

Interior design is key to making your house a home and 2022 is the year of all things décor. Our homes have become the centre of our lives since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been the place we work, sleep, eat and socialise, so it is key that we love it and the items which furnish it. Use this guide to find the perfect way to add some finishing touches to your home to make it picture-perfect.

Natural Spaces

Many people are shifting their décor to create calming environments in their home with natural light and ventilation. Tones such as browns, camels and caramels will be popular in 2022. These colours can be easily accented with other brighter items such as cushions, throws and rugs.

Plants and natural décor will also help lift your mood after spending so much time indoors over Winter. Many will be reaching for raw, imperfect materials to add more character and life to their homes while also bringing in a touch of the outdoors.

Image courtesy of Andersons of Inverurie

Andersons of Inverurie in Aberdeenshire stock beautiful sofas, armchairs, blinds and other homeware that will help you achieve a calming space.

Colourful Kitchens

As we come out the other side of the pandemic, lots of people are choosing brighter colours to symbolise hope and positivity for the future. These colour combinations can be seen throughout the home, but many are focussing on brightening up their kitchens.

This is easily done by adding small touches like coloured kettles and toasters, splashbacks, or accent walls. Kitchen designers are introducing different shades of cabinets, to add depth to higher and lower levels of the kitchen.

By adding a splash of colour, it brings in confidence while creating a vibrant and modern space, great for entertaining guests!

If you want to change up the colours in your kitchen, Kynoch and Robertson in Aberdeenshire offer all sorts of decorating supplies and colours.

Idea Home Kitchen Trends

DIY and Upcycling

There has been a huge rise in upcycling furniture, which is likely to continue and is great for making your home more sustainable.

People like the idea of DIY items as it means it is completely customised to their liking, nobody will have the same piece as them making it bespoke to their home.

Small changes can begin with changing handles on drawers and cabinets or using easy stick vinyl for surfaces to add a touch of colour or texture. Bigger upcycling projects could include wall panelling, a great feature to add more dimension to any room!

Wendy Mortimer Upholstery in Aberdeen helps bring life back into old furniture through upholstering with your favourite fabrics and designs, perfect to achieve your ideal furniture style.

Sleep Sanctuary

This 2022 trend focusses on keeping your bedroom space as peaceful and relaxing as possible. After a hard day at work, it’s important to have a calm area to retreat to.

Removing clutter is key to having a tranquil bedroom, adding soft textiles such as cushions and pillows will create a homely ambiance, perfect for relaxing. Interior changes to the bedroom will also improve sleep quality, making you feel re-energized.

Shapes and curves

It’s not all colours and textures, shape plays a very important role when creating character in the home. Curvy furnishing is finding its way into 2022 trends, the angles and arches will add depth to your bedroom, living room or study.

A great way to introduce this trend into your home is through items such as dining chairs and sofas, cabinets, and beds, these will look great in any home and can be in any colour to compliment your existing furniture and décor.

Trends to say goodbye to

Many people are becoming much more adventurous with their décor and are looking to brighten up their homes and lives. It’s expected that neutral tones such as creams and greys be less popular in 2022.

Exposed kitchen hoods are also becoming less popular this year, as many are opting for a sleeker more concealed look. Lots of homeowners are looking for a low-profile hood to reduce the metallic feel within the kitchen.

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