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Create a home you love – in partnership with Aberdeen’s answer to Marie Kondo

When the majority of us are spending more time at home, it’s important to enjoy indoor space and make the most of it. Part of this can be transforming a corner of a living room into a work from home space, clearing an area of floor to enjoy recreational activities or just changing up surroundings with a fresh coat of paint.

Overall, we should take the time to evaluate how we really want our homes to look and how we want to feel when we’re in them.

Rosanne Barron, who owns Aberdeen business The Tidy Coo has successfully been providing advice to clients for years and helping to tidy one North East home at a time.

As Aberdeen’s answer to Netflix sensation Marie Kondo, Rosanne is able to bring order to homes and lives by using official Marie Kondo methods that focus on ‘sparking joy’.

Here, Rosanne provides some helpful tips and tricks on how you too can work room-to-room to identify the things that make you happy and surround yourself with order.

Creating a Vision

My most basic tip would be to start with how you want your home to look. Sometimes I create vision boards with my clients so that we both know what we’re aiming for, but you can just as easily have a clear picture in your mind.

Think about what your perfect day would look like and work towards that. From there, make a proactive choice to keep the things that you love and let the rest go, rather than focusing on what you want to discard.

Work in Categories

Working in categories can make a huge difference to re-ordering your home. Start with the easiest decisions – usually clothes – and move up towards the hardest. Don’t worry initially about items such as a great aunt’s tea set. Save that until the end when you’ve had some practice.

These categories are important for ensuring that you don’t end up ‘churning’ your things around the home, for example moving something out of a bedroom, into the hall, then the kitchen and back to the bedroom. And don’t think too much about storage solutions until after you’ve decluttered – it’s always better to have less to organise.

Everything Must Have a Home

Remember that every item must have a home to go to. Clutter occurs when things don’t have somewhere to live, so if you love it, don’t let it languish at the back of a cupboard and instead display it.

If you don’t want to display the item then consider why you are keeping it. Think about whether it’s worth the space it’s taking up in your house but also where the first place is you would go to look for that item. That is where the item should live.

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