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Grandhome Guide: The Moving House Checklist

new home guide

We understand there’s a lot involved when you’re preparing the move to your next new home. From organising movers to finding out when your new bin day is going to be, our easy-to-read guide to moving to a new house and downloadable checklist will help make your transition hassle-free.

First step: declutter and organise home movers  

Moving to a new house is the ideal opportunity to declutter and we recommend splitting your items into three categories; keep, donate, and recycle.

Make sure you keep your valuables together in a safe place as things can easily be misplaced during the chaos of moving house. These include the documents you may need for moving. These may include tax paperwork, birth certificates, marriage certificates, passport and driving licences.

When packing up for the move to your new house, use reusable or recycled boxes that are clearly labelled for each room of the house. When your movers arrive at your new home, these boxes can be moved to the allocated room to avoid a messy pile-up in one room.

The big house move can be daunting but luckily local removal, storage and packing services in Aberdeen, such as A to B removals and Aberdeen Removals & Storage are available to help make a move much more manageable. Or why not enlist the help of your family and friends?

We recommend you have easy access to these items for the first night in your new home: bedding, toilet paper, toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner etc.), hand soap, towel for each family member, pyjamas and a spare change of clothes.  

Cleaning up your old home

As you pack up your home, we recommend giving your rooms a deep clean, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Our top tip is to clean one room at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

If cleaning isn’t your favourite hobby or you are struggling for time, enlist the help of a local cleaning company such as Houseproud Domestic Cleaning Aberdeen Ltd. With over 25 years of experience, the small local company is proud of its reputation for customer care, value for money and quality services.

Changing your address

Once you move into your new home, you will need to update your address in several places. These include the local council for council tax purposes, your employer, your utility companies, your phone and internet providers, your bank, The DVLA, TV Licensing, all insurance providers and the Electoral Roll. If you are moving to a new area, then you must register with a new doctor and dentist too.

Remember that the Royal Mail offer a redirect service to ensure your mail moves with you to your new home, but they do need at least five working days to set it up. You can access the service on their website.

As you settle in to your new home

While settling into your new home, it can be easy to forget the little things you took for granted in your old neighbourhood. Take note of when your domestic bin days are, where the local convenience stores and any lovely walks to stretch your legs after a busy day of unpacking.

Don’t forget to get social and introduce yourself to your new, friendly neighbourhood and get to know your next door neighbours. Another way to get to know your area is to identify any local clubs to get involved in or attend local events in your area, such as community fayres or local school events.

Download and print out our full moving home checklist to help make your next move hassle free.

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