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Getting your garden ready for spring: Grandhome’s top tips

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Whether you’re a budding gardener just starting out or are a green fingered gardening enthusiast, at Grandhome we have some gardening tips for you, just in time to get your garden spring ready.

What you can plant

Not only are marigolds one of the easiest plants to grow, but they also bloom into bright-coloured flowers, so why not give them a go? It is recommended to sow marigold seeds from March to May as they will flower from Summer until Autumn.

When sowing seeds, do so straight into the soil where they will flower and ensure they are about 30cm apart. Even better, marigold petals are edible and go great in a salad!

You could also opt for the classic sunflower and enter into a friendly competition with neighbours to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. Did you know they can grow up to two metres?

To do this, you will need a sunny but sheltered spot for your sunflower seeds. The best time to sow sunflower seeds is between April and May, preferably in 10cm pots of multi-purpose compost.

Sow one seed per pot and cover them with about 1.5cm of compost and water well. If they grow over three feet tall, we recommend that you consider loosely tying the sunflowers to stakes with soft material.

Our top tip is to cover the pots with a plastic bottle cut in half to keep the seedlings warm. If you grow a sunflower, we’d love to see it and find out who has the tallest sunflower in Grandhome this year!

Where to buy gardening supplies

From seeds to tools, you will be able to find all your gardening needs at Parkhill Garden centre in Dyce. The garden centre stocks various products, including vegetable plants, gardening tools, and wildlife supplies. Once you’ve worked up an appetite collecting your supplies, you could pay a visit to the Seasons Coffee Shop too!

Parkhill Garden Centre

Caring for your garden

We all know the weather can be unpredictable in Scotland and this makes gardening tricky. Aberdeen Gardening offers some great advice when your plants may find themselves flattened with snow.

While garden centres may be overflowing with summer bedding plants, Aberdeen Gardening’s top tip is not to be tempted to plant them now, suggesting waiting until 1st June.

They also suggest that your grass will be due the first cut of the season soon, and at the end of April, it is recommended to apply a little lawn fertiliser to get it ready for BBQ weather in the summer. You can find more top tips like these on their website.

Caring for local wildlife

Now that we’ve stepped into spring, you may notice some new visitors to Grandhome, such as singing birds or even hedgehogs returning to the city.

To get even closer to your local wildlife, you can make your new build garden a haven for nature by following some top tips. By either purchasing or even building a bird box up high in a sheltered area with protein-rich feed, such as fat balls, you can help birds thrive throughout the season.

You might even be lucky enough to have birds nesting in your garden with some chicks on the way – perfect for some spring bird watching from your window if you’re working from home! Compost heaps are another way to naturally enrich your soil while protecting local wildlife, providing a habitat for insects in your garden.

Image from PEXELS

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