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Mastering your home office design: 4 top tips

home office tips

It’s been over a year now since many of us first started working from home and a large number of us continue to do so. It’s helpful to ways to differentiate your home and work life when you live and work in the same place. Here’s a few ways that you can help get the most out of your home office design.

Find the perfect location

If you have a spare room or bedroom, then this is a great chance to create a space to use during office hours and then ‘leave’ after each working day, enabling you to properly switch off at the end of the day.

If you don’t have a spare room, it’s time to get creative. Pick an area that is set as far out of the way of your main living space as possible, with room for a desk.

If you require quiet space and privacy when working, but are limited to space in your home, then why not consider a garden office room or garage conversion? Small sheds and outbuildings in your garden can make the perfect office space – and still requires a commute (albeit short!) to make work feel a bit more normal. You can make your garden office even more relaxing with some potted plants – check out Rooted in Scotland for some top tips and plants that grow perfectly in that environment.

CALA Homes’ five bedroom detached home, The Lewis, gives you plenty of space for home working – you could convert one of the bedrooms into a home office or create a designated working space in the dining room.


Good lighting is really important for a home office space. If you have a location in your home that has good lighting then make sure to position your desk to face the windows so that you aren’t getting a reflection on your screen.

The sunshine and daylight hours in Aberdeen are great during the summer, so you can really make the most of that all-important natural light during these months. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your home, you can enhance any of the natural light with use of mirrors and light-coloured walls and furniture.

With open plan living areas, Dandara homes at Grandhome are perfect for that natural light. The homes are also equipped with photo voltaic panels to provide supplementary low carbon generated electricity – great if you need to use multiple devices while working from home and want to reduce your electricity usage to help the environment.

Get comfortable

Office décor doesn’t have to feel formal or traditional – when you work at home, it is completely your choice.

Comfort is the most important thing when you’re thinking about where to sit. Upholstering is one of the best ways to do this – you can pick the style of chair, your favourite fabric and a comfy cushion. Just 20 minutes from Grandhome is Willow Cottage in Ellon, which offers Scottish inspired home décor and professional upholstery – the perfect place to look for your ideal office chair.

Looking for the perfect home for your virtual call backdrop? AJC’s homes are the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary with framed windows and doors and echoes of Georgian architecture – the perfect fit with some upholstered furniture in classic fabrics.

Inject some personality

One great thing about working from home is the ability to style your home office exactly the way you like.

Colours, textures and patterns can all affect your mood and energy levels, so what are the best options for your home office?

Greens and blues are great colours for injecting some energy into your office space. Blue is a colour said to lead to greater productivity and helping you keep focus. Green is said to help bring a more calm approach to your working day.

Aberdeen-based Kynoch & Robertson has experience of over 100 years of painting and decorating and are stockist of paint from the Isle of Skye Paint Company. This range is developed using local seaweed and the palette – made up of natural colours which will help with productivity – is inspired by the scenery of the island.

Looking for a space to call home?

At Grandhome there are a range of desirable homes of varying sizes, including 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses. Whatever stage you are at, we have a home that you can personalise to your style and make your own. View our homes for sale.