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Simple Ways for Sustainable Living: 3 Top Tips

sustainable living at home

If you are wondering how to make your home more sustainable, the best way is by starting with the simplest and smallest changes first. Sustainable living is important to make sure there are enough resources for everyone and by starting with the easiest swaps first, everyone can do their bit to help make their homes more eco-friendly.   

Living more sustainably at home can even help our finances and contribute to our overall happiness too. Read on to find our top three tips for living more sustainably at home

Zero waste kitchen  

From packaging in our lunch boxes to cleaning the worktops, the majority of our household waste comes from the kitchen. By making a few simple swaps, it can be easy to work towards a more sustainable kitchen.

Forget about cling film, have you heard of beeswax wraps? Once you swap to reusable food wrapping made from beeswax and fabric, you’ll never need to buy cling film again. You can use them to cover food, wrap sandwiches and to clean them, you just rinse them under the tap once you’re done. You can even make them yourself using leftover fabric and beeswax, here’s how.

Single-use paper towels and napkins are not effective and can only be used one. By swapping to cloth napkins and towels, you can cut down on single-use items in your kitchen and they look far better too. Local shop Refillosophy is a great place to stock up on alternatives.

Growing your own

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can help limit the number of times you drive to the supermarket while helping you eat less meat if you have lots of delicious alternatives. Plants also help to absorb more carbon in your home too.

If you want to kick start your sustainable kitchen quickly, you can opt to grow vegetables that will grow in less than eight weeks such as green beans, beets, chard and radishes.

If you have kids, you can encourage them to grow their own too which will help them understand where their food comes from. This great article has some top tips on how to grow your own food with kids around.

Growing your own isn’t suitable for everyone and there are other ways to eat sustainably. Try to buy loose vegetables and if you have food that has gone a little too far past it’s best by then opt to compost it instead of putting it in the bin.

Switch it off! 

Conserving energy in your home is one of the most important things you can do to make your home more sustainable and reduce your families carbon footprint. By leaving electricals on standby, you are using up energy. Remember to switch it off and you’ll notice a change in your energy bill too.

If you want to do more than simply switching off your electrics, then try to ensure that any new technology you buy is as energy efficient as possible.

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