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Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Winter is setting in fast and we know it can feel like a gloomy time for your garden, especially in Scotland. The florals of summer are long gone and there’s no shortage of rain to keep the grass and plants hydrated.

You might not be sure what to do with your garden through winter as the cold season sets in and although it’s not the most active time for gardeners, there’s still plenty to do to maintain your garden and get it ready for next year.

Winter gardening tasks can help you prepare your plot for the next growing season. Read on to learn about the different ways you can keep your garden looking great throughout the colder season and keep your green thumb in action. It is also a great opportunity to get outdoors for some crisp winter fresh air.

  • Seasonal pruning

Winter is a great time for you to prune back your woody plants in the garden without affecting any nesting birds or woodland animals that live nearby. In fact, a lot of plants prefer to be pruned when they’re dormant to avoid distress or damage to the plant.

While you’re at it, you can also have a go at dead-heading your autumn-flowering plants and prune your summer shrubs before the first frost really sets in. Make sure your plant structures are wind protected and stable and if they aren’t, be sure to support them now before the high winds or frost cause damage.

  • Top-up feeders for birds

Local birds in Scotland will certainly appreciate seeds, nuts and fat balls left out for them through autumn and winter. Remember to provide fresh water regularly and make sure it doesn’t freeze. You could even keep a small area of your garden untidy with fallen leaves and sticks to make the perfect home for a hedgehog or two.

  • Plant bulbs

You’ve still got plenty of time to get some winter bulbs planted in November which will make sure you can enjoy some of the winter colours in the New Year. We recommend you choose a variety of colours and plants which will make a nice display.

Parkhill Garden Centre has all you need for getting your garden ready, offering both collections and delivery. Another local business, Rooted in Scotland, has a range of plants on offer that are available for collection and delivery – with many indoor plants perfect for bringing the outside in.

  • Clear up your pots

The quieter autumn and winter months give you time to scrub out the planting trays or pots you’ve been using this year. Giving them a good clean in warm water will help you prepare for the new season and make sure there is no contamination that could affect your plants next year when you come to use them again.

For lots of us, gardening is a year-round hobby and there’s no stopping in winter. Whether you love the cool weather or are counting down the days for summer to return, these tasks will get you out into the fresh air and help keep your garden protected and ready for the next season.

AJC Homes at Grandhome offers the perfect utility room to help you prepare winter bulbs.

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