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Genius Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Christmas Chocolates

If you’re trying to avoid the leftover Bounty, Snickers and other chocolate lurking in the kitchen but are wondering how all the festive chocolate is going to get used up, then you’re not alone. Instead of throwing out your leftover chocolate from Christmas or keeping it in the cupboard for months, we’ve got a few ideas for using it up.

Have a decadent hot chocolate

You might be fed up with eating chocolate, but how about drinking it instead? To make a delicious hot chocolate, take your leftover chocolate and grate it into a saucepan with milk. Heat thoroughly without burning the milk and pour into your favourite cup. You could even add cream if you fancied it.

Combine chocolate and ice cream

Chocolate and ice cream is the best combination, so why not combine some of your Christmas chocolate with locally-made ice cream?

Take a look at this recipe from local food blogger The Wee Larder, which uses orange chocolate by Mackie’s of Scotland to create a delicious brownie, with Mackie’s traditional ice cream on top. It’s a Christmassy treat, but one that can be enjoyed all year round!

Make a batch of cookie dough

You might think you’ve already filled your biscuit quota but when your cookie craving comes back, you’ll be thankful of the homemade cookie dough you have in the freezer.

You can stuff your homemade cookie dough with any leftover chocolate you have left and roll it into a log shape. Cut it into any shape and then freeze. Next time you want a delicious cookie all you need to do is pop them in a warm oven.

For inspiration, take a look at Aberdeen food blogger The Food Hoover’s recipe for cookie dough here.

Scottish bloggers Lauren and Peter at Our So Called Life have the perfect recipe for chocolate orange butter cookies too, for all those chocolate orange’s leftover!

Opt for a healthier oatmeal cookie  

Not every recipe using chocolate needs to be unhealthy. If you wanted to opt for a more nutritious snack, you could use up your leftover festive chocolate to whip up a batch of vegan and gluten free oatmeal cookies. Using ingredients like coconut oil, shredded coconut and gluten free oats can give your cookie the perfect amount of moisture without needing to use butter. We love the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.

Chocolate Workshops

Enjoying finding new ways to use up your Christmas chocolate? Maybe this is a new hobby! Look no further than local chocolatier Cocoa Ooze’s chocolate making workshops. The interactive workshops last two hours and you’ll learn how to make truffles and chocolate bars while experimenting with lots of different flavours. You may end up with even more chocolate, but a new found skill too!

Have you got any inventive ways of using up leftover festive chocolate? We’d love to hear over on the Grandhome Community Facebook Page.

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