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7 top tips for spring cleaning your new Grandhome home

The arrival of spring and the lighter months is the ideal motivation for a deep clean, whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or you’ve been in your Grandhome property for a while. That means we’re filling up the mop bucket, decluttering our wardrobes and getting out the furniture polish before all that sunlight illuminates the dust on our skirting boards!

A big spring clean can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve listed our top tips on how to avoid being overwhelmed and get your Grandhome home ready for the warmer months ahead.

Space it out

If the thought of spending all weekend cleaning is too much, then break up the chores into smaller, manageable tasks. A great way to do this is to tackle your house room by room, or appliance by appliance. Or write yourself a list of quicker chores that you can easily tick off in under 15 minutes so that even when you’re time poor, you can still feel that sense of achievement.

Have everything ready

There’s nothing worse than getting into the flow of a job, only to discover you’re out of floor cleaner or your cordless vacuum runs out of juice. Make sure you’ve got everything you need, and that all your appliances are charged. It would also be a good idea to give your tools a quick clean too, as there’s no sense in washing windows with a dirty sponge or sweeping your floors with a dusty broom.

Dust and Vacuum

Get the ball rolling by dusting and vacuuming your new home. Since construction of new homes often leaves behind a lot of dust and debris, pay extra attention to areas like windowsills, skirting boards, and corners. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt and dust that has settled on your carpets and upholstery.

Clean the windows

With the Grandhome site so close to beautiful natural landscapes and the River Don, and the community masterplan designed to provide views into the open fields, you don’t want dirty windows to spoil the view. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove any smudges or streaks, and don’t forget to dust the blinds and clean the curtains, too.

Deep clean and disinfect

Take the time to thoroughly disinfect your bathrooms and kitchen, including cabinet doors and the gap between the oven and counter where crumbs collect. If the drains aren’t smelling great, use baking soda, table salt and white vinegar to keep them fresh.

Declutter and organise

Whether it’s your wardrobe, the garage or even just the ‘things’ drawer, take the time to organise and declutter your storage spaces. Sort items into three piles – keep, donate and recycle – and take any donations to one of Aberdeen’s many charity shops. With items you’re keeping, take the time to organise and tidy them as you put them away.

Spruce up outdoors

It’s not just the inside of your home that needs cleaned, so keep Grandhome beautiful by giving the outside a spring clean too. Wipe down your front door and any outdoor furniture and vacuum your doormat. Give the garden a tidy too by clearing up any dead leaves, sweeping your path and maybe even planting some new flowers.

By following these spring-cleaning tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your new Grandhome home to its fullest potential.

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