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Get your home ready for spring

After weeks of dull and damp weather, we are starting to see some glimmers of sunlight again. To accompany this slightly warmer climate, we are all craving a home that looks as cheery as the blooming flowers outside. If you need some tips for how to get your home ready for spring, then we have some inspiration for you.

Get the garden ready

Although it may still be a too cold to dine al fresco, now is the best time to give some love to your outdoor spaces. We may be tempted to invest in new garden furniture before inviting friends around for a BBQ; but why not considering upcycling what you already have. A spot of bright paint on your old garden bench, deck chairs or even the shed could be a great way to infuse some colour into the garden.

It is also time to plant some spring bulbs in time for a summer bloom. Why not head down to Parkhill Garden Centre and pick up some bulbs to plant in the garden, or even experiment with some herbs and vegetables, and be sure to pick up a coffee and a cake at their Seasons Coffee Shop. In no time the garden will be blooming with different colours, and bringing these flowers indoors is also sure to boost your mood.

Bulbs for Every Season, Parkhill Garden Centre

Decluttering the house

It is time to put the winter clothes away and dig out the spring and summer items from the back of the wardrobe, but maybe don’t tidy that winter coat away quite yet. A great way to save some space is to vacuum pack away your heavier items, and then they are neatly stored to be brought back out in the winter months.

Spring is the time of year some of us either look forward to or dread the ‘Spring Clean.’ Whether this is something you look forward to, or something that you put off for as long as possible, it is a good time to dust away the remnants of winter and freshen up your home. It is important to remember to do this on your own terms, we don’t need to make it a chore for one weekend. By picking a room or an area a week to give a quick spruce, your home will be glistening in no time. We spoke to The Tidy Coo, professional declutterer and organiser based in Aberdeenshire, to find out more about how to get the most out of your spring clean. Read the blog here.

Brighten up your space

To embrace the new season many of us will leave behind the dull greys and infuse our spaces with a palette of cheerful shades. From sugary pink to daffodil yellow, a shot of colour can brighten up our spaces. A quick way to do this could be to change the cushions on your couch – and with a variety of shops in Aberdeenshire such as Juniper Aberdeen, Wood and Wool and Annie Mo’s you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Home décor, Wood and Wool

A splash of paint can also be a great way to revitalise your home, and it doesn’t need to be a whole room as experimenting with colours on one wall, a bookcase or even the ceiling can be a fun way to give a room a whole new look. Check out Kynoch and Robertson who have a range of colours, wallcoverings and fabrics on offer to inspire you.

Theres More to Paint than Just the Colour, Kynoch and Robertson

There are also a variety of ways to brighten up your rooms without buying new pieces. Putting on white pillowcases can give the bedroom a new fresh look and moving around furniture can give a room a new feel. By angling towards the window, you can bring the sun inside and brighten up some darker spaces.

Create ambience with spring scents

Mood boosting spring scents will soon bring you out of that winter hibernation. Although the days may be getting brighter, it can still be nice to light a candle to create a cosy atmosphere. The green scents of spring are typically associated with freshness and can include bergamot, lemon and rose, Angelic Aromas Aberdeen, with a stall in the Trinity Centre every Thursday to Sunday, may be a great place to start to find the scent for you. Whether you prefer candles, room sprays, diffusers or wax melts there are so many ways to infuse new scents in a room. Don’t forget to change out the hand wash and dish soap as well for a fresher feel.

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