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Throwing a Jubilee Party in style: Our top tips

jubilee party tips

This weekend, the UK is gearing up to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, making her the longest-reigning monarch. Whether you’re havingclose friends and family over or hosting a street party with your neighbours,  we have rounded up our top tips to throw a Jubilee party fit for royalty.

Prepare your garden

If you are taking advantage of the warmer weather and hosting a garden party, make sure to leave yourself enough to get your garden looking in tip-top shape.

While making sure your patio and garden furniture is clean, we recommend allocating ‘party stations’ such as an eating area, a place for party games and an area for the young ones to play away from hazards. Click here to read our blog on further top tips to getting your garden ready for entertaining.


Decorations are a must

Let the British flag fly high with Union Jack bunting, banners and royal décor! Feeling creative? Gather your friends and family and get the involved by making hand-made bunting, posters and other decorations.

Hobbycraft have shared a step-by-step guide to making your own Union-Jack bunting – click here to check it out. Or how about decorating your food with Queen-themes cake toppers or London bus cake stands.

Don’t forget basics like napkins and table-cloths can really make your party stand out with bold red, white and blue colours.

Let there be food!

From coronation chicken sandwiches to scones with jam and cream, traditional British street food is a must for any Jubilee party. To encourage community spirit, organise a pot-luck with your guests that way, you can avoid cooking up a feast all by yourself.

Not sure where to even start? Follow this delicious royally approved sweet scones recipe from The Press and Journal which is included in Ameer Kotecha’s The Platinum Jubilee Cookbook so you know it is the perfect addition to any Jubilee party.

Feeling more confident in your baking skills? Watch your guests marvel when you present a strawberry, elderflower and lemon meringue Victoria sponge cake from Candice Brown as this showstopper is guaranteed to impress. The recipe serves ten so there will be plenty to go round – or plenty left over for you to enjoy!

The Times

With all that food, your guests will be looking for something to enjoy in the warm weather and we have just the idea to quench their thirst. All you need is 3 unwaxed lemons (roughly chopped), 140g of caster sugar and 1 litre of cold water to make a British summer classic – homemade lemonade. Place the sugar, lemons and half the water into a food processor and blend until the lemon is finely chopped.

Once blended, pour the mixture into a sieve over a bowl making sure you get as much juice as possible before finally topping up with the remaining water. You can now serve to your guests with some lemon and lime slices. It’s that easy!

Entertainment for your guests

Keep your guests entertained with some garden games. Try your hand at some tin can alley using recycled tin cans, such as soup tins (top tip! – Use recycled wrapping paper or newspaper to cover them up) Make a pyramid of 10 tins – or if you are feeling adventurous keep stacking until you can’t anymore – then grab mini bean bags (a tennis ball will also work) and using your best aim, try to knock as many as you can down.

Keeping great aim, get the concentration faces on for some bean bag bowl toss. Lay out some bowls at different distances each varying in points dependent on the distance. If you don’t have enough bowls, swap them for a ladder with each step worth different points. Although the game might be easy to set up but it is not as easy as it looks and is a great way to keep the little ones entertained.

Country Living

Fancy some Tic-Tac-Toe? To make a giant lawn friendly version of the game, simply crisscross pieces of thick rope to create the grid and then divide cutouts of Xs and Os taking it in turns to place the game pieces in the available open squares. The aim of the game is to get three in a row. Or why not grab some chalk and go old school with some hopscotch on the pavement. Even better, the markings won’t be permanent as they can be easily washed off.

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