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We loved seeing so many of you taking part in our spring scavenger hunt. People of all ages have been making the most of their walks, runs and cycles by spotting wildlife, flowers and plants and ticking each one off on our handy sheet along the way.

To continue to grow the Grandhome community scavenger hunt, we’ve been adding regular blog posts which act as a guide to what you can see in the local area at this time of year. We would also love to hear from anyone who has ideas to add to the evolving list, for spotting flora and fauna.

The coasts of the North East are one of the best for spotting marine life during the final months of summer in Scotland. Bottlenose dolphins, grey seals, harbour porpoise and sometimes the occasional whale can be seen just above the water. When heading out for a walk along the beach or by Torry Battery, be sure to bring a pair of binoculars for the best chance to catch a glimpse of these marine mammals.

Further inland, birds of prey such as the common buzzard, can be seen towering in the skies above but also coming in closer to the ground as the majestic bird hunts for rodents and small mammals.

Close to Grandhome, Scotstown Moor is the British Dragonfly Society’s most northerly hotspot for seeing various species of dragonflies. The range of habitats, including the rare ‘black bog rush’, which make up the nature reserve, provide the perfect summer habitat for the insect.

July and August is when darters and common darters can be seen flying around the wetlands. The pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly also flies here as well as roe deer which graze at dawn and dusk.

Back home, you can continue to enjoy wildlife and the great British summer in your own garden or outdoor space. On those rare hot days, regularly water container plants and add balanced liquid fertiliser every other week to encourage plants and flowers to grow strong and maintain colour right through autumn.

Make sure to keep on top of quickly growing weeds and also consider planning next year’s garden. Now is a good time to choose a selection of bulbs to plant in late summer ready to flower in the spring.