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How to celebrate Bonfire Night 2020 at home

Though organised bonfire night celebrations may not be taking place this year, there are still plenty of activities outdoor and at home that will help you get in the spirit this November!

Bonfire food

Barbeques aren’t just for summer – why not get the BBQ going and create some firework-inspired kebabs for dinner? Take some skewers and add whatever vegetables and meat you like, and top with a triangle-shaped red pepper to give it that firework look. You could also toast marshmallows for dessert using your skewers. Even better, you can create s’mores with your marshmallows and biscuits and milk chocolate.


Sparklers are a great way to celebrate this time of year. Safely set up by adults in your garden, sparklers will light up the night sky in the absence of firework displays or bonfires. Just remember to be safe and dispose of them securely.

If it’s a dry, clear night, take some blankets, beanbags and chairs outdoors, wrap up warm and with a hot chocolate and do some stargazing. Grandhome is a great open place to get some great views of the constellations.

For hot chocolate inspiration, take a lot at local blogger Foodie Quine’s recipe for gingerbread hot chocolate stirrers, or some recipe inspiration from Aberdeen-based Nature’s Larder.

If you’re not able to have a bonfire or firepit going in your garden, you could encourage little ones to get creative and make their own finger painted, flame-less bonfire. Paint a bonfire onto the back of large cardboard boxes to prop up in your garden and make you feel like you’re at a bonfire.

To accompany your bonfire, create fireworks out of toilet or kitchen roll tubes. Paint the tube the colour you’d like your firework to be, add a triangle of card to the top and glue a wooden stick down the side of the tube and you’ve got your very own firework – without the bang!

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